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The Right Way To Buckle Your Child Into A Car Seat

The Right Way To Buckle Your Child Into A Car Seat

Car Accidents are a leading cause of deaths among children. 

NBC News investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen spoke with Dr. Oz on how Winter coats are a great danger for children in a car accident.

He expressed that when you put a child into a car seat and strap them in with a winter coat, the coat being that it is puffy, allows for room between the straps and creates space for the child to fly out of the car seat in a car accident. He demonstrated showing Dr. Oz and the viewers what happens to a child with a winter coat and a child without one strapped in a car seat if a crash occurred. The impact was deadly for the child with a winter coat. It had made the child fly forward out of the jacket while the child without the jacket barely moved and was secured. 

This is super important to know mommas because we all want our child safe and I know we all want the kids also to be warm when you bring them into the car, however this is very serious. I wanted to blog about this so we make all parents aware and we prevent this from happening to any other child. You can always put his/her jacket on and when you get to the car, simply remove it before strapping the him/her in. 

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