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How To Tackle Being A Multitasker

How To Tackle Being A Multitasker

     So for those who know me, I'm a classic multitasker. Which means I'm passionate about several endeavors and tackle more than one thing at a time. Growing up I always found myself looking up to my mother and wanting to be one someday. I had an obsession with baby dolls and strollers. I would beg my mom to buy me one every so often and would pretend to feed the baby with real food, wrap the baby with blankets and even take them for a walk. I felt I was destined to be a mother one day and as I continued my journey to motherhood, I discovered my ability to care for other children.

I began babysitting as a teenager and as I got older, I decided I wanted to make a career out of working with children.  I studied Early Education with a minor in Psychology and began working for a head start in a pre-school. I found it to be such a beautiful and rewarding experience. I dreamt of opening up my own daycare and wanted to get more education in childcare. I pursued my certification as a baby nurse followed by my doula as well as my Lactation Certification. Assisting teachers at a pre school was great, however, I knew my calling was much more than that and now I am proud to say I am certified in all fields. If you had read my welcome story, you begin to see how I came to pursue Lil Wild Ones.

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